Louisville Slugger Museum and Visitor Center

Louisville, KY

The history of baseball is intertwined with the history of Hillerich and Bradsby, the family-owned company that manufactures Louisville Slugger baseball bats. This museum commemorates the facts and legends of the revered sluggers and their bats. Exhibitions include a re-creation of the stadium that includes the playing field, press box, and bleachers in an unforgettable immersive experience. From a ‘walk through’ forest to a factory tour, visitors are able to learn the craft of bat making.

Visitors can learn about the science of bat making while experiencing a 90 mph fastball. Exhibits also trace the process of making a Louisville Slugger from the cutting of white ash timber in the forests of New York and Pennsylvania, to the shaping of billets, and the final turning of the bats in the factory in Louisville. Life magazine voted the Museum and Visitor Center as one of the 10 “must see” attractions in the United States.