studioMUSarx LLC is proud to announce the completion of their latest Smithsonian Affiliated project, the Birthplace of Country Music Museum in Bristol, Virginia. The museum was planned as the adaptive reuse of a 1920s two-story building to celebrate where country music was famously recorded in 1927 during an event known as the “Bristol Sessions.” Opening on August 2, the 23,600 square foot museum includes a live performance theater, orientation theater, sacred music chapel recreation, working radio station, and interactive music mixing consoles. Upon entering the museum, visitors are greeted by the recordings of the 1927 Bristol Sessions, which are being projected from the two-story lobby thematic structure. The structure is equipped with graphic LED panels and sound drivers to transform the exhibit into a musical work of art. On the second floor core exhibit spaces, visitors can intimately listen to the Bristol Sessions, view the various types of instruments played in country music, and have an opportunity to remix the original songs to their own interpretation. Another prominent feature is WBCM-LP, the museum's own radio station and recording studio, where bands are able to perform live.