national park service visitor center

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

The necessity of a new National Park Service replacement visitor center in Theodore Roosevelt National Park prompts a conceptual design concept that not only fulfills program requirements, but integrates an assortment of cost-effective sustainable features since the center desires to be as resource-efficient as possible.  As a hillside beacon for nature and outdoor enthusiasts, this scheme augments the natural landscape through its layered photovoltaic and green roofs systems, exterior weathered steel panels, and locally quarried stone walls.  A three-part frost protected shallow foundation system, along with a high performance insulated envelope, is designed to withstand the severe geological, climatic, and settlement conditions in the area.  With 1,909 sf of indoor exhibition space and wide-angled views from the terrace of the spectacular terrain, visitors can immerse themselves in the interpretive exhibits featuring the park’s wildlife, site history, and natural resources.

(Displayed at the AIA National Headquarters in Washington, DC)